Health advice: Take time to let your body adjust to cold weather

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DENVER — After single digit temperatures, weather in the 30s Friday felt like a heatwave to many people anxious to get back outside.

Medical experts say there are a few important things to keep in mind before you head out for that walk or run.

If you have asthma or are recovering from a cold or cough, you may want to postpone any outdoor time. Your lungs are lined with small tubes that transport air you need.

Dr. Eric Groce of Swedish Medical Center explains that the cold, “Clamps down and tightens the tubes and when they get outside it’s just a  little wheezy and harder to breathe.”

If you’re healthy and want to work out outside, it’s important to warm up and give your body time to adjust to the change in temperature.

Dr. Groce warns, “If you’re out exercising and you feel some discomfort maybe light headed pain in your chest, stop what you’re doing right away and get some help.”

This especially applies to anyone shoveling snow who has led a sedentary lifestyle.  It’ll take time for our bodies to adjust to the chilly season, so take it slow in order to stay healthy and strong.

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