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DENVER — Nearly everyone in the Phoenix Gym is fighting the battle of their life.

Most have been addicted to drugs.

Boxing, lifting weights and rigorous exercise are helping them win the battle.

Rich Shock said, “… I couldn’t believe this is free.”

Shock is a person in recovery.

He was addicted to heroin.

The Phoenix Gym, he says, has helped turn his life around.

“Everybody here’s been through the same thing. Nobody’s judging. I felt like I came home.”

Scott Strode opened the gym in Denver eight years ago.

Strode is also a person in recovery and he saw the need for help.

“We have to get people into treatment and we have to use drugs to reverse overdoses,” Strode said. “But then what?  That’s where the Phoenix gym comes in.”

Shock liked the program so much, he’s now coaching others in a battle that will last a lifetime.

The Phoenix Gym now has locations in five different states.

It is funded through grants and donations.

So, Phoenix Gym has served 22,000 people.

Strode says 76% of those who actively participate, stay sober.