Group of Colorado doctors urges kids to wear masks if returning to school in-person


DENVER (KDVR) — One of Colorado’s largest associations of doctors says children should wear masks if they return to school in-person.

The Colorado Academy of Family Physicians (CAFP) says mask wearing is one of the best ways to protect students and their loved ones.

It’s a discussion that a lot of families have been having.

The CAFP says kids should wear masks though they are not among the most vulnerable.

The group’s president, Dr. John Cawley, cited data from the National Academy of Sciences showing 50% of transmissions came from asymptomatic cases.

“A larger concern is that children are passing the virus to each other or passing the virus to family members who have health concerns and they are spreading it back to families and throughout the rest of the community,” Cawley said. “There could be a huge benefit from wearing face mask, protecting our kids and the vulnerable population of Colorado.”

But some parents point to various studies showing different data that seems to be changing often.

Noell Chesney says she’s frustrated over mixed messages regarding regarding mask science and whether kids need to wear them.

“I feel like its just not the most appropriate thing for them to be doing, especially with the research that shows that age group is not getting the disease,” said Chesney.

Chesney’s 12-year-old son says he’s ready to go back to school but not with a mask.

Mitchell Chesney said, “I don’t like to wear one.”

Littleton Public Schools says its preschoolers will not have to wear masks.

Aurora Public School students in grades kindergarten through 12 will be required to wear them.

Englewood Schools will offer masks to students and teachers.

With a statewide mandate to wear masks now in place, the governor is working on a plan to distribute them to school districts across Colorado.

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