COVID-19 art gallery isn’t designed to make you feel good or bad, it just aims to make you feel


LAKEWOOD, Colo. (KDVR) – An art gallery in Lakewood is showcasing pieces of glass art with the sole inspiration coming from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Talk with an artist and they will tell you beauty can be inspired from something that is ugly, and the pandemic is pretty ugly.

“I think you just take the emotions. Whatever emotions inspires inside of you some of them are not that positive, and turn it into something beautiful,” Jasmine Bluecreek, a local glass artist, said.

Bluecreek has been a glass artist for about 40 years, creating only when she’s inspired. Right now, you’d be surprised at what her inspiration is: COVID-19.

“I’ve looked at trying to find some humor in it and I did,” she said.

She’s not alone. The Glass Artists of Colorado have put on a coronavirus-inspired show called Sequestered Art.

“Anything that we’ve done since the quarantine started. Because of the world situation right now, a lot of us are inspired by what’s going on,” Bluecreek said. 

“Sequestered art is when you’re at home all the time you have to do something. If I don’t do something every three days, I go nuts,” Deborah Carlson, president of the Glass Artists of Colorado, said.

Sixty-eight pieces of glass art are on display, from the whimsical to the beautiful to the tragic. The show is not designed to make you feel good, or bad.  It’s just supposed to make you feel.

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