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WOODLAND PARK, Colo. — Operation Grow4Vets has launched the program Project Better Medicine, which will provide free marijuana, edibles and homegrown equipment to veterans in hopes of reducing drug overdose and suicide deaths.

All veterans living in Colorado and under treatment at a VA facility are eligible to enroll.

Funding for the project is provided by individuals and corporate sponsors.

“If we, as a nation, are truly committed to helping American heroes live healthy and productive lives after they have been wounded or injured protecting our freedom and way of life, it is imperative that we stop killing veterans by forcing them to take dangerous and often deadly prescription drug cocktails. We are morally obligated to provide them with a safer alternative,” said Roger Martin, executive director of Operation Grow4Vets.

Martin added more than 400,000 veterans are struggling with debilitating depression, combat-related stress and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Operation Grow4Vets it is taking advantage of the passage of Amendment 64, which legalized recreational use of marijuana effective Jan. 1.

“Operation Grow4Vets believes in serving those who have served us, something that neither the Colorado Legislature nor the VA seem willing to do,” Martin said. “Until such time as the VA decides to honor their commitment to provide veterans with the best medical treatment options available, Operation Grow4Vets is proud to take the lead in offering veterans a safer and more compassionate treatment option.”

To enroll, veterans can go to