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BRIGHTON, Colo. — Kidney disease can leave patients feeling itchy, weak, and nauseous but one Brighton Police officer refuses to let the disease stop him from serving others.

Cmdr. Scott Wegscheider, who will turn 54 in August, is battling kidney failure while trying to balance work and tri-weekly dialysis appointments.

“Your blood is toxic, everything you do is impacted by that,” said Wegscheider when asked to describe living with the disease.

The National Kidney Foundation estimates 26 million Americans are battling some form of the illness. The symptoms have a wide range and can lead to serious health complications including heart and blood vessel disease.

To combat his illness, Scott spends three nights a week having toxins removed through his blood at a DaVita dialysis center in Northglenn.

“I speak out because I don’t think people know enough about it,” added Wegscheider.

The process, which can take 4 to 8 hours to complete, allows Scott to continue working in a job he loves while still managing his health. The treatments can be scheduled around his own work schedule but Scott hopes to one day eliminate treatments if a kidney donor could be found.

“I need someone six foot or better, because I’m a tall guy and its matched by your size,” Wegscheider said when asked to describe what type of donor is needed most.

Despite lots of support from his family, friends, and co-workers no one has stepped up to provide Scott’s much needed replacement kidney.

If you’re interested in helping Scott with a possible donation you can contact Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center donation center at : 720-754-2155 or email: