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DENVER — You’ve heard the term dine and dash, but have you heard of filled and fled? A botox bandit has hit a medical office in Denver, receiving hundreds of dollars in treatments before running out the door.

Describing the features of the man pictured on her computer screen, Dr. Tahl Humes, medical director at Vitahl Medical Aesthetics goes through what sounds like a normal consultation.

“You can’t see here that he needs botox as much because we don’t have him in movement positions. We can see that he’s got a flattened face in this area,” said Humes, going through what sounds like a normal consultation. “So what he had done with one of our nurses is filler as well as botox.”

“Nothing too out of the ordinary, we just thought, ‘Oh, a cute guy, he’s visiting. He knew the routine,’” said registered nurse Kenna Gilstrap, who spent more than an hour with the man.

But the man’s visit was anything but routine.

“Wouldn’t you think not to take a photo,” Gilstrap said as she laughed.

After the man’s “Before Botox” photos are taken, Gilstrap sculpted, filled and injected the man with $850 worth of treatments.

“You think if someone is going to cheat you, they would ask for more botox, but he specifically just wanted a touch up,” she said.

And when the man went to pay …

“His bank card didn’t go through. He said, ‘Oh, its brand new, it doesn’t have any money on it probably, so let me just go down to the bank and I’ll go get cash,” Humes said.

Staff at the clinic asked to hold the man’s ID, according to Humes.

“He said, ‘OK, I’ll go get that’ and literally ran out the door,” Humes said.

“I was surprised when he ran,” Gilstrap said.

“But honestly, we’re a bunch of women in the office and some guys walks out the door, what are we going to do? Try and run after him in our stilettos? It doesn’t really work well that way,” Humes said.

He might be free of crows feet and brow lines, but if caught, he could be facing more than just wrinkles.

“To have a patient walk out and not pay their $850 bill, it’s a lot for a business,” Humes said.

Vitahl Medical Esthetics said it has found the man’s address, phone number and bank card were all fake. It has filed a police report.

It is also putting a new policy into place. From now on, patients must present a valid form of ID before getting any treatments done.