Blurred vision could be warning sign of other problems

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DENVER — They say your eyes are the window to your soul, but they can also be the window to your overall health.

Health experts say blurred vision or even irritated eyes can be warning signs that you may be developing other health problems.

Dr. Leonard Seibold, of the University of Colorado Eye Center, said, “if (problems) are happening in the eye they’re probably happening elsewhere in the body.”

The most common health problems that affect your eyes are diabetes and high blood pressure. That’s why it’s important to have regular medical check ups.

As we age we can develop near or farsightedness.  If you’re developing neck pain from squinting at your computer screen at work it could be an indication that you are straining your eyes as well.

Doctors say you can prevent many problems by taking steps each day to protect your eyes.

Colorado gets more sunlight than most states so you should wear a good pair of sunglasses that have ultra-violet ray protection.

“We’re constantly bombarded with UV radiation that can damage the surface of the eye and it  may contribute to things like cataracts and lead to … macular degeneration,” Seibold said.

If you are exposed to dangerous chemicals at the job or at home, wear eye protection.  That also goes for kids playing sports.

Health experts say you should make taking good care of your eyes a priority, because good vision is nothing to take for granted.

For more information you can visit the University of Colorado Hospital website at

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