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DENVER — A bizarre, new treatment may be the key to getting rid of allergy symptoms. Thousands in Colorado suffer from food, pollen and animal allergies.

Dr. Homer Wall of Vital Energy Wellness and Chiropractic uses something called cold laser therapy to bring balance back to the body and reduce or eliminate the runny nose and itchy eyes. “When the body is functioning naturally and normally allergies go away,” he said.

Patient Amanda Larsen sought help from severe allergies triggered by her cat’s fur. She said the treatment helped immensely. “Not having to take that medicine daily is just amazing.”

Dr. Wall uses a painless cold laser to “balance” the body’s zones and even uses dark plastic to shield the patient’s head from sunlight in order to treat allergies that crop up in the evening.

Amanda said the treatment even helped her mother get rid of allergic reactions to some foods.

Anyone with peanut allergies or any other food related sensitivities must talk to their regular medical doctor first before trying an alternative therapy. Never stop taking medication without a medical doctor’s approval.

For more information about the cool laser allergy treatment, visit Vital Energy’s website.