The gut is where nearly your entire immune system resides, making gut health the foundation for our health, but gut health is not just for humans, it’s for our furry friends as well!

Today, our favorite Fairy Gut Mother, Carley Smith shares three simple ways to support your pet’s gut health:

Probiotics: Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria in the gut which supports a strong immune system and overall optimal gut health. Zesty Paws makes it easy to add probiotics into your pet’s routine by making them into various tasty treats you can use as-is or even top their food.

Fiber: Fiber helps feed the good bacteria in the gut. I use a little psyllium husk (good source of fiber) in my simple dog treat recipe. This simple recipe is made of: pumpkin, peanut butter, eggs, banana, flour, cinnamon, and psyllium husk. It’s pet and human friendly, too!

Bone Broth: Not just for humans, broth is great for pet’s, too! It helps reduce inflammation also soothes sore muscles and joints plus helps support healthy hair and a strong gut lining. You can serve in food or I like to freeze in ice cube trays for a tasty summertime treat.

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