Group targets McNulty, House GOP in new radio ad

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DENVER – Liberal groups are spending $100,000 to air a radio ad for the next four weeks that seeks to remind voters of the House GOP majority’s shut-down of the legislature over civil unions.

But the ad, for some reason, makes no mention of civil unions.

“Earlier this year Republican leadership recklessly shut down the legislature and stopped working, refusing even to debate more than 30 important bills,” the ad’s voice-over says. “Including measures that would have lowered taxes on small businesses, would have improved public safety, and would have invested in water projects critical to Colorado farmers and Colorado jobs. Why did the Republicans quit on Colorado?”


At a press conference Wednesday highlighting the new campaign, representatives from ProgressNow Colorado and Campaign for a Strong Colorado even set up an easel with a blown-up photo from the Denver Post showing Speaker McNulty and Minority Leader Mark Ferrandino in a heated argument on the statehouse floor over civil unions.

“I want people to see the confrontation, the negativity that played out in the final days of the legislative session,” said JoAnne Kron, the executive director of ProgressNow. “I think we see the level of partisanship that played out in the last session.”

When asked why the ad doesn’t mention civil unions when it was that specific bill that led to the partisan impasses that shut down proceedings on the penultimate night of the legislative session, Kron said that the groups chose to focus on all the bills that died on the House calendar after McNulty put the chamber in recess.

“Civil unions is a critical bill, but we are talking broadly about the very large number of bills that were left on the calendar,” Kron said at the press conference.

Of course, it’s not McNulty these groups are going after — it’s his one seat GOP majority that’s on the line this November.

“The announcement they had is a clear indication that liberals and Democrats lack ideas, lack optimism and continue to resort to gimmicks,” McNulty told FOX31 Denver. “We continue moving forward with our messages of job creation and economic renewal and optimism for our state and our nation.

McNulty also thought that the groups decision not to mention civil unions by name in the radio spot is telling.

“It shows how political their motivation was at the end of session and how Democrats are using this issue,” McNulty told FOX31 Denver. “When it was convenient for them to use it to divide Coloradans, they used it; and now, when it’s not convenient, they’re shying away from it. Their lack of sincerity on it should put a huge question mark in people’s minds.”

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