Grandmother delivers baby in car

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LAKEWOOD, Colo. — A local baby is going to grow up with a pretty exciting story to tell.  Not only did her mom not make it to the hospital on time to have her, but she came out with her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. Thankfully, her grandmother was there to come to her rescue.

“I never thought that it would have happened in the car,” said Vicky Poe.

She was in the car with her mother, on the way to pick up her daughter from school, when she felt it.

“Once the first contraction hit, they came right in a row, and there were only five of them before she was out,” Poe said.

Poe’s mother caught the baby in the passenger seat of her KIA, parked at Ellsworth and Reed in Lakewood.  But she quickly noticed something was wrong.

“Seeing her blue told me something’s wrong, and then I noticed the cord,” said Patricia Shultz.

The umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck. Shultz jumped into action.

“I got her real close to the mother so that it put some slack on the cord, and I just rolled the cord right over her head,” Shultz said.

But the baby still wasn’t breathing.  Thankfully both Poe and Shultz are certified nurse assistants, not to mention – they’ve seen this sort of thing on TV.

“I swatted her real good on the butt, and she let out a yelp and we were glad to hear that,” Shultz said.

The paramedics arrived and all was well.  Taylor Poe came into the world in a big way.  It’s a story her mother won’t stop telling anytime soon.

“We laughed about it, we’ve cried about it, I still just shake my head and think, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe I had a baby in my mother’s car!’” Poe said.

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