Colo. governor cautions other states about legalizing retail pot

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WASHINGTON — Gov. John Hickenlooper gave some advice to his fellow governors this weekend, when the National Governors Association met in Washington D.C.

According to the Washington Post, Hickenlooper addressed the other governors and cautioned them to go slow when it comes to legalizing recreational marijuana.

“When governors have asked me, and several have, I say that we don’t have the facts,” Hickenlooper told reporters, who had gathered for a lunch Friday. “We don’t know what the unintended consequences are going to be and we’re going to regulate it every way we can. What I do is urge caution. Make sure you look at it very thoroughly.”

Hickenlooper, who opposed the passing of legislation to legalize retail pot, said revenue is not a good incentive to legalize a drug.

He added that the drug does not provide any benefits for individuals who use it, but rather can be harmful to young people.

The state will use the first $40 million of pot revenue for school construction, said the governor, the rest will go towards research on the effects of marijuana rather than education or healthcare.

“I don’t think governors should be the position of promoting things that are inherently not good for people,” he said.

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