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DENVER — Since 2007, Google Maps has allowed us to tour the world. Now, in Colorado, Google Maps has gone where automobiles can’t.

They call it the Trekkar Program.  Thirty-two locations throughout Colorado, from Estes Park to Garden of the Gods, have been meticulously videotaped, edited and downloaded onto Google Maps.

Ten of those places are in Denver.  Those include City Park, the Denver Zoo and Denver Botanic Gardens just to name a few.

Justin Bresler from Visit Denver, with a 60-pound Google camera on his back, took most of the pictures for the Denver tours.

“Who doesn’t love Red Rocks, and so knowing that when people go to Red Rocks on the maps and they see that footage that we were the ones that put it there.  That’s a little bit of point of pride,” he said.

It did not cost Denver a penny to participate, just a little elbow grease.

“I have, you know, the sore quads to prove it,” Bresler said.

You won’t go where no man has gone before, but you won’t have to leave your front door, either.

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