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DENVER — A week after a couple was attacked, beaten and robbed by a group of teens on the 16th Street Mall, the Good Samaritan who helped them has spoken for the first time.

That good Samaritan ended up being stabbed in the process.

A couple was heading to Rock Bottom Brewery when they say they saw some teens littering and decided to speak up. Then an all-out brawl broke out.

A man who works at Tokyo Joe’s restaurant saw what was happening and tried to stop it. But instead, he ended up getting stabbed in the head with a box cutter.

The couple visiting from California said they came across Denver’s worst on Aug. 13. The man was severely beaten and his fiancée was injured. Both went to the hospital. They’re OK now.

Rico Chavez manages the Tokyo Joe’s. He shared his story about what happened.

“There was blood streaming all over his face,” Chavez said.

It was while he was closing the Tokyo Joe’s that he saw the brawl break out and he jumped in to help.

“I didn’t want them to get away, so I was trying to relay their whereabouts to the police,” Chavez said.

While waiting for police to arrive, he was cut in the head multiple times with a box cutter. He escaped the situation without getting seriously hurt, but he said he felt police took too long to show up.

Denver police said it took officers 14 minutes to get to the scene. An investigation into why it took so long is underway.

“They told me they already had a few calls so they already knew about it, it really didn’t put me at ease,” Chavez said.

Police have not made any arrests and are still reviewing surveillance video.

Chavez is back at work and said he’s ready to help again if someone needs it.