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GOLDEN, Colo. — Golden police honored three 19-year-old men who investigators said saved a woman from sexual assault.

Wayne, Bransen and Derrick were hanging out at a parking garage in Golden when they spotted a woman in a bad situation.

“We saw a lady downstairs on the street and she looked pretty drunk and we were wondering what was happening and then she was dragged inside,” Wayne said.

They said a man was with her and they thought he was trying to get the woman a ride home. But they could see down into his apartment from their spot in parking garage and they quickly realized the woman was in a dangerous situation.

“We’re like, ‘Should we call the cops? And I was telling Bransen, ‘What if that was your sister or something?’ You would want someone to look after you so then we immediately called the cops,” Wayne said.

The three said police arrived almost instantly. They directed officers to the apartment where the woman was located. Police said the woman was sexually assaulted and it was critical that the three men called when they did to prevent further assault.

“It seemed like it was a repeat thing because he was prepared for it. Somebody like that shouldn’t be on the streets so it doesn’t happen again,” Wayne said.

“You hear about that kind of things happening to women, but you just hear about it,” Bransen said. “And just seeing it, it has a huge impact and it’s so much different and kind of terrifying.”

“One night you just see something happen and it kind of shocks you and makes you reconsider what your surroundings are and rethink your actions,” Derrick said.

The Golden Police Department said too often, people see something that doesn’t look right, but they turn away.

At ceremony recently, police honored the three with awards for their actions. Wayne, Bransen and Derrick said while the plaques are nice, they don’t feel heroic. Instead, they said they did what everyone should do.

“Nowadays, people are so focused on their own little worlds and their phones and social media and things like that and they don’t really pay attention to what’s around them,” Derrick said.

“A lot of people in situations like that don’t call the police and do things like that which in my mind is kind of ridiculous,” Bransen said.

The three said they think about what happened that day. Bransen said he tries to review the details in his memory so he can be prepared to testify against the man in trial.

“The gentleman or anyone who does something like that doesn’t deserve to go and have a full and happy life because you destroyed someone else’s life. What he has coming to him is what he needs to get,” Bransen said.