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GLENDALE, Colo. — The city of Glendale is surrounded by the city and county of Denver.  And for years, it’s gun laws have been pretty similar to Denver’s.  But not anymore.

Riled by the new gun laws passed by the state Legislature, Glendale City Council members voted 4-2 to pass an emergency ordinance to repeal a law that prohibited the sale and transfer of assault weapons. The vote was Tuesday night and the new law allowing such sales is effective immediately.

Mayor Mike Dunafon says, “Why do we have laws on the books that can’t be enforced and why do we have laws on the books that really abridge our constitutional rights?”

Glendale residents we talked to had mixed reactions. One man says, “I agree, I think everyone has the right to have their own personal weapon and protect their house.”  But another woman says, “I am kind of leery of that because it seems like having more guns in our area is not safe.”

The new law could increase firearms business in Glendale, but the Mayor says it’s mostly symbolic. Dunafon says, “It’s really an issue of remembering who we are and that our rights are being eroded incrementally every day by well meaning people with bad ideas.”

The City Council isn’t stopping with guns. Dunafon says they are reviewing the city code book and plan to get rid of all laws that don’t work, and are ineffective and meaningless.

He says, “Next month we are going to take a law off the books that prohibits throwing a stone or rock against a bush, with a $2,000 fine and a year in jail. Now why do we need that?”  Dunafon says they’ll get rid of a bad law a month, at each Council meeting.