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AURORA, Colo. — Two young girls who were on a mission to give back fulfilled a very special birthday wish.

The wish was granted by them to the people they call heroes.

Birthdays are full of surprises, especially when the surprises are bestowed upon those least expecting it.

“Not everything has to be about you. You don’t have to have everything,” said 12-year old Kyra Dooley.

Best friends Kyra Dooley and Trennah Nantkes said they have what they need.

“Cause they gave us her life,” Trennah said.

Two years ago, Aurora firefighters saved the life of Trennah’s mom.

“When her mom had her asthma attack, they came and helped her and saved her,” Kyra said.

“She wouldn’t have been here. She was in dire straits that night. It was pretty bad,” said Aurora firefighter John Woodruff, who was there the night of the call.

“We’re really thankful for them and wanted to give something back to them,” Trennah said.

So this year in lieu of presents, the girls asked for money and with the nearly $1,200 they received, they splurged, buying a 65-inch TV, a mount and buckets of popcorn. It’s a giant gesture for the unsung heroes who changed their lives.

“It’s unbelievable. Words can’t describe it,” Woodruff said. “It is a good surprise. They are great kids.”

“Just to give someone something instead of giving yourself something for your birthday, it’s just an amazing feeling,” Kyra said.

A feeling that for these two girls comes as no surprise.

This is Kyra’s third project of giving back. Last year for her birthday she raised money for the Ronald McDonald House and for Christmas she asked for blankets to give to the homeless.

She just hopes she also inspiring others to do the same.