With Mother’s Day coming up, instead of gift ideas for ALL moms, how about gift ideas for 3 different
mom personality types? After all, not all moms are the same!
Marta Spirk with Marta Spirk Coaching is a triplet mom and has been coaching women from all walks of life, She has identified 3 main types and the best gifts for each.

The Generous Mom: the perfect gift for moms who always put everyone else’s needs first and struggle
with self-care could be a gift-card for a massage or a self-care kit for bath and aromatherapy.

The By-the-book Mom: a great gift for moms who are always running around managing the home,
driving the kids everywhere and sticking to her color-coded schedule (besides picking up after yourself)
help her keep the house in order, but don’t make the mistake of JUST gifting her an appliance: have it
installed and commit to using it yourself. She has no time to waste!

The Go-with-the-flow Mom: for those easy-going moms who are always up for going out or staying in,
how about a surprise getaway or movie night? Plan it all out and just let her know it’s ready!
And if you have a hard time figuring out which personality type your mom is – just ask.