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DENVER – Secretary of State Scott Gessler announced Thursday afternoon that his office has mailed letters to 4,000 Colorado voters asking them to prove that they’re legal citizens and eligible to vote.

The letter asks those who are non-citizens to voluntarily remove themselves from the state’s voter rolls.

“We identified a gaping hole in our voter roll integrity, and this effort will better protect our elections,” Gessler said in a statement. “We know there is a problem, and I am unwilling to accept fraud in our elections.”

Following a process also undertaken in North Carolina, Gessler compared Colorado’s voter rolls against the Division of Motor Vehicles database and came up with a list of people who used a non-citizen identification when they applied for a Colorado driver’s license and who also are registered to vote.

“Our approach improves the integrity of our voter rolls,” Gessler said. “Once we cut through the political noise, voters will see a measured approach that enforces the law and ensures that legal votes aren’t cancelled out by illegal voters.”

Gessler, with his continued focus on eliminating voter fraud, has become a top target of Colorado Democrats, who believe the Republican is engaging in a less than subtle effort to reduce the number of minorities who actually vote in an effort to help GOP candidates.