Flu season is right around the corner and Kaiser Permanente is helping us get protected by both the flu and Covid-19.

Dr. Amy Duckro and infectious disease specialist at Kaiser Permanente says although it’s hard to predict what to expect this flu season, but southern hemisphere had early, large surge and we typically mirror their effects.

Behaviors have changed back to “more normal” so experts anticipate more viruses to circulate. With Covid-19 still with us for another season, both symptoms are similar, but flu typically comes on hard and fast.

The best way to protect yourself from the flu and COVID is to get vaccinated.

Here are 5 ways to fight the flu this season:

  • Get your flu shot
  • Stay home if you’re sick
  • Sneeze or cough into your arm
  • Wash your hands often
  • Avoid touching your face

Visit kp.org/flu for flu shot locations near you.