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FORT COLLINS, Colo. — A Fort Collins woman said she didn’t know a stranger approaching her was an off-duty police officer and that’s why she tried to walk away from him.

Seconds later, she was thrown to the ground by the officer.

A witness recorded the incident that unfolded Friday outside Kimberly Chancellor’s apartment complex.

Chancellor said she’d just parked when she noticed a large man driving a motorcycle parked diagonal to her.

“I hear ‘Hey, stop, hey,” Chancellor said. “I was startled and just kept walking.”

Chancellor said she started to walk toward her apartment and said when she got close to the door, the man said he was a police officer.

Still, Chancellor said she was apprehensive because the officer was in plainclothes and driving a personal motorcycle.

“I said, ‘I didn’t know you were a police officer, for all I knew you were some man chasing after me, can you understand why I was scared?'” Chancellor said.

“‘Can I call the police station to verify who you are? You’re in plainclothes. You’re in an unmarked car.”

Chancellor said the officer asked for her license and registration. In the video, she’s seen looking in her purse.

Next, she said she got up to walk to her car to get out her registration. She said that’s when the officer threw her to the ground.

“I am respectful toward police so I never envisioned a scenario where I would be flung into the ground like that,” Chancellor said.

“I wasn’t trying to have any sort of problem at all. I was trying to be safe. I was trying to not be harassed by this man I didn’t know.”

The Fort Collins Police Department said an off-duty officer spotted Chancellor speeding and tried to talk to her once she parked and that’s when Chancellor fled.

Chancellor was cited for careless driving and obstructing a police officer before being released from custody.

According to policy, the incident is under investigation. Anyone with further information is asked to call police at 970-224-6020.