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FORT COLLINS, Colo. — Intense body cam video shows a police officer take down a shoplifting suspect in Fort Collins.

That officer, Todd Hopkins, is now out of a job.

He resigned Tuesday, before a disciplinary hearing.

The video shows the Fort Collins police officer striking the shoplifting suspect, Natasha Patnode, more than 60 times and helping tazer her three times, at a Target store on March 29, 2018.

Hopkins says she was resisting arrest, but the police department’s internal affairs investigation says he should’ve been fired.

Thursday, Fort Collins’ Police Chief Jeff Swoboda released a video statement.

He said, in part, “Just because there was no violation of law, doesn’t mean there weren’t concerns within this police department regarding the force that was used and whether or not it was appropriate and inline with our training.

“I want to make sure Fort Collins citizens know that we have high standards here at Fort Collins police services. And if we ever find we do not rise to the expectations, of not only ourselves, but of this community, we will hold ourselves accountable.”

The Larimer County District Attorney ruled Hopkins did not commit any crimes in the arrest.

The suspect, Patnode, pleaded guilty to assault and resisting arrest.