Fort Collins man reaches summit of Mount Everest

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KATHMANDU, Nepal — A Colorado man has accomplished an amazing feat.

Jim Davidson from Fort Collins made it to the summit of Mount Everest, the world’s tallest peak, on Sunday.

“I’m standing on the roof of the world! The summit of Mount Everest at 29,035 feet! You can achieve anything through #Resilience!” Davidson posted Sunday, using a satellite communication service called inReach.

Davidson has been documenting his journey on Facebook.

“I have been thinking about coming here for 40 years,” Davidson wrote in a blog posted on Tuesday. “I’ve been actively working toward this climb for more than 30 years.”

Davidson said the epic trip taught him an important lesson about patience and perseverance — especially when “an uncontrollable variable like the weather forces you to just sit and wait.”

“How could I persevere, when all I could do was sit and be patient?” he wrote. “Then it hit me: Patience is passive perseverance.

“We must accept the conditions around us, adapt to them, and act with careful intention.”

Before taking off on the adventure, Davidson said he trained harder than he ever had in his life.

“I’m not thinking about the summit. I’m thinking about the last 100 feet. The last 100 feet is what i’m dreaming of,” Davidson said in an interview before leaving for Mount Everest.

Alan Arnette writes a blog on the latest from Mount Everest.

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