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ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. — Former Prairie Middle School teacher Brian Vasquez was sentenced to 40 years to life in prison Friday for sex crimes he committed that involved five students.

Vasquez pleaded guilty to three sexual assaults on a child, criminal attempt to sexually exploit a minor and using the internet to sexually exploit a minor.

The Cherry Creek School District reached an $11.5 million settlement with Vasquez’s five female victims, the district said in a letter to parents on Monday.

“This ran the gamut, unfortunately, as far as sexual intercourse to sexting to internet luring to internet exploitation,” said Qusair Mohamehdbhia, the attorney for the victims. “The district recognized the lifelong care it’s going to take to treat and fix these survivors.”

Vasquez, 35, was originally charged with eight felony counts for the alleged physical abuse and exchanging of nude photos with several students. He was arrested in August 2017.

Vasquez, who taught seventh- and eighth-grade social studies at the Aurora school since August 2011, had been placed on administrative leave by the district before being fired.

The former principal and vice principal of Prairie Middle School are still awaiting charges for the misdemeanor count of failure to report.