Umai Express has only been around for 9 months, but it’s Japanese fusion is drawing a lot of attention.

Nelson Henry and Michael Spencer are the brains behind Umai Express, two buddies who decided to go all in on a business together.

With Umai Express was inspired to create delicious and iconic food expressed in the form of a cross-cultural Japanese fusion menu.  They offer easy and fast service gourmet Japanese fusion rice and yakisoba noodle bowls, coupled with an assortment of delicious sides and snacks. 

Some of our most popular menu items include that of our Signature Umai Bowls and Sides, including: the Savory Marinated Beef, Karaage Chicken, Crispy Pork Katsu, and our delicious Umai-style Fries.

To find out where Umai Express will be, check out their website at