There’s always time for a good sandwich and Josh Gilbert the owner of The Knuckle Sandwich food truck has some pretty good ones.

The Knuckle Sandwich is a new food truck that serves deli/cold cut the classics way we all know and love.

Founded by Josh Gilbert, the inspiration came as he struggled to find the classic deli sandwiches he grew up eating in his native San Francisco. After sourcing delicious bread, meat and cheese, he combined his love for tattoos, vintage clothing, and classic Americana imagery, and at least the Knuckle Sandwich was born.

Craving a pastrami or Italian sub? He’s got em! Feeling saucey?He’ll top off all over our sandwiches with his green sauce, a pesto aioli, or a red sauce, a spicy red relish. You decide!

The Knuckle Sandwich also serves up some untraditional sandwiches like the “Newcomer” sandwich; a Korean inspired club sandwich with a pork bell jam. Whatever you are craving, Josh is confident he’ll have something for you.

You can follow the Knuckle Sandwich food truck on Instagram or Facebook to see where you try some of these creative sandwiches.