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How to Create Legendary Ribs AT HOME


Start With The Right Product

At Texas Roadhouse we use only American grown product.  USDA #1 inspected fresh domestic Pork Loin Back Ribs.  Starting with the right product will give you a Legendary result. We will show you how to make the best ribs possible with the equipment available in an average home kitchen. Just remember that most home kitchens do not have the equipment we have in our restaurant, and the product may differ some from our fall-off-the-bone ribs.


STEP ONE:           Seasoning,

In a deep baking pan, add water and some type of Liquid Smoke. (We do this step a little differently at the restaurant, due to our equipment.)

Mix well.

Take Ribs, use a shaker and your favorite dry seasoning (we have our seasoning for sale online at and thoroughly coat each of the Ribs.

Place Ribs in the pan.


STEP TWO:          Cooking

Place pans in 300° F oven and bake slowly until done.

Ribs are fully cooked when the bone in the center pulls freely from the meat.  At this point, remove from the oven.

STEP THREE:       Grilling

Pick your favorite BBQ sauce for re-heating and basting the Ribs.

Pre-heat grill.

Brush and season the grill before use.

Place the Rack of Ribs vertically, with the underside down to the grates.

Heat until sizzling hot.

Turn Ribs over and baste the underside of the Ribs, and heat until sizzling hot.

Baste the top.

Turn the Ribs over one last time and baste with a final coat.

Serve to your guests and accept their complements graciously!!!


Remember, these are only tips for you to try it at home. This is not the Texas Roadhouse Legendary Recipe. We can’t give that to just anyone, you know. If you want the real deal you will have to stop by your area Texas Roadhouse. We hope to see you there!