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Pork Green Chili

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Chef Notes

Chef Luiz recommends using pork shoulder for the nice fatty part of the animal, yet meaty for a good stew.

Wear plastic or protective gloves when cutting the chilies, there are lots in the recipe.




Pork—2 pounds, cubed

Parsley—2 tablespoons, chopped

Garlic—1 tablespoon, chopped (pre-roasted is fine as well)

Chicken base—1 tablespoon for minimum salt, then add from there

Poblano Chili Pepper—1/2 cup, washed, deseeded and deveined, chopped

Anaheim Chili Pepper—1/2 cup, washed, deseeded and deveined, chopped

Jalapeño Chili Pepper—1/4 cup, washed, deseeded and deveined, chopped

Yellow Onion—1 cup, chopped

Salt—to liking

Cumin—sprinkling to liking

Flour—two tablespoons

Paprika and Chili powder—1 teaspoon each

Tomatoes—8 ounce can or roughly two tomatoes chopped

You will also need to add water. This will change the thickness of your chili. Less water, very stew like, etc. Start with 1 cup and add from there.



  • Coat the cubed pork in the flour, drenching it will add thickness at the end.
  • Sautee the pork in a pot large enough to hold all the ingredients. There is much fat already, so no oil is needed. Make sure it is browned nicely on all sides.
  • Once the meat is cooked, drain off the excess fat and place the meat in the pot.
  • Add all the ingredients and put on a low simmer for at least three hours, checking to see if more water is needed.
  • If you like your peppers a little more bold, try and cook them right after you skim off the fat and before you add the rest of the ingredients, it adds overall strength.
  • Note that other vegetables can easily be added to this recipe.


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