Celebrate National Pasta Day with Il Posto

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Today is National Past Day and we invited the the “Prince of Pasta” in our studio today to show us how we can make beauty pasta right at home.

Here’s the recipe below that they make at Il Posto or you can just go see the “Prince of Pasta” yourself and enjoy a delicious pasta dish there.

Il Posto
Basic Pasta Dough Recipe
Provided by Chef Zach Patz

250g 00 Flour
100g Semolina
4 each Whole Eggs

To add flavor or coloring start by adding 50g of any fine dried spice. Tumeric for yellow, Paprika for a red/orange color or black pepper for speckled grey

Blend cooked food items with the eggs to gain color and strain it out to the same weight of 4 eggs, about 200g. Blanched leafy greens help get a green color, carrots for orange, red Beets for a red/purple color.

For long noodles, dry your pasta until it is no longer tacky to the touch before stacking and cutting it, making sure to use liberal amount of dusting flower or Semolina between each sheet. For folded shapes or stuffed shapes, fold before the pasta dries so it doesn’t crack, then let it rest on a tray of Semolina or polenta to dry before putting it away.

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