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DENVER — Eggs, they may not be what’s for dinner, unless it was up to president of the Colorado Egg Producers Jerry Wilkins. “The Heart Association recommends an egg a day. We recommend an egg an hour.”

Jerry’s kidding, we think. According to Jerry Wilkins, who’s a pretty good egg himself, the egg is almost the perfect food.

That’s why the Colorado Egg Producers, for the fifth year in a row, are donating 250,000 eggs to the Food Bank of the Rockies.

That’s a big deal. “It’s a tremendous deal. The donation of 250,000 eggs, protein, high demand to folks in need, so it’s a fabulous donation.” says Kevin Seggelke, president and CEO of Food Bank of the Rockies.

Kids from Newton Elementary School in Denver were on hand at food bank’s headquarters today, taking the “Keep Moving/Good Egg” pledge. Pledging to eat well works up an appetite, so naturally they sat down for a meal of … you guessed it, eggs.

Every year Food Bank of the Rockies spends over $60 million feeding the hungry.  And with 3.8 million chickens in Colorado popping out 1 billion eggs, well, they go together like eggs and Easter.