Denver man who cries, sings ‘My Hero’ on stage with ‘Foo Fighters’ was remembering his mom

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DENVER — A Denver man has been gaining attention around the world after he was busted for crying during a Foo Fighters concert by lead singer Dave Grohl, and now he’s speaking out about his emotional outburst and the reasons behind it.

The Foo Fighters were midway through an acoustic version of the song “My Hero” at Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater on Sunday night, when Grohl noticed someone in the audience.

“Are you crying right now?” Grohl asked, with a laugh. “I love you man.”

The man he was referring to was Anthony Kerrigone, of Denver, and during an interview with FOX31 Tuesday, he owned his behavior.

“Yes, I was crying,” Kerrigone said with a laugh. “There`s nothing wrong with a grown man crying. I just got emotional. I was looking at Dave (Grohl) and he saw me and I was like, I was hiding. I was like, oh no. I knew what was going to happen.”

After spotting Kerrigone, Grohl called him up to the front row. The audience helped “crowd surf” Kerrigone to the front.

“I’m going to sing this to your crying, grown man ass right now,” Grohl said as he called Kerrigone up on stage.

Though he loved getting on stage, Kerrigone said there is one thing that he wants to clear up. Grohl said several times that he was drunk, but he says that was far from the truth.

“That was awful. I’m a non-drinker,” Kerrigone said. “My car was parked up front at the place.”

Kerrigone says the real reason why he was crying was that his real hero, his mother, died just a short time ago.

“We got back about 10 days ago from burying my mom in the south of France,” Kerrigone said. “I am her and she’s in me.”

It’s a big reason why he felt compelled to jump up and sing alongside Grohl during the final chorus of My Hero.

Though singing with his favorite rock star was a blast, Kerrigone says his favorite moment came after that.

“I needed a hug and he knew that, and that was epic,” Kerrigone said, tearing up slightly. “Don’t get me going. I said I wasn’t going to cry again. It was so fitting. Just the whole thing was awesome.”

Kerrigone said he got a chance to talk to Grohl after his appearance on stage, and said he’s been in touch with the band following the show. He won’t disclose what was said, but he said Grohl is a great guy.

The full video of Grohl and Anthony on stage was posted to YouTube, and you can watch it here. But be forewarned, there is some strong language.

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