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CLEARWATER, Fla. — A tattoo parlor is buzzing in Florida after the owner of the shop was banned from career day at his daughter’s school.

Walter Smith has attended the Great American Teach-in at Clearwater Fundamental Middle School for the past two years, but he was told he couldn’t participate this year because parents did not want their kids exposed to Smith’s ‘alternative lifestyle.’

“The parents are closed-minded and don’t want their children to know about these things,” Smith said.

Smith is licensed in the State of Florida and has been tattooing and piercing clients for 15 years. He said he was taken aback by the ban because he is a responsible tattoo artist, who discourages kids from getting tattoos before they turn 18.

Smith also said he tries to teach kids about tattoo safety and sterilization in order to prevent the spread of diseases like Hepatitis and HIV.