Fishing the Good Fight to help shine a light on men’s mental health


The topic of mental health is a challenge for many, especially among men. However, Jennings Hester is hoping his story will shine a light on this very important topic.

Jennings Hester founded Fishing the Good Fight in 2019 after he began experiencing depression. . After silently suffering for a decade with his illness, inundated by society’s perceptions of what a “man” should be, Jennings finally began seeing a life-changing psychologist and eventually founded the nonprofit. 

Denver nonprofit Fishing the Good Fight (FTGF) has a number of initiatives that further its mission of improving men’s mental health (and subsequently improving all lives) by leveraging the therapeutic power of fly fishing.

Fishing the Good Fight retreats feature fly fishing instruction, small group sessions focused on mental health and one one-on-one therapy sessions with a licensed therapist. The therapy sessions on the retreat allow our attendees a completely safe setting to discuss individual mental health challenges within a group setting of men interested in improving not just their own lives, but also making lives better for the ones they love. They hope to eventually have one retreat every month around the U.S. 

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