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DENVER — Brides- and grooms-to-be lineed up outside Denver’s Point Gallery on Sunday for a world first, the Cannabis Wedding Expo, where vendors offered a little bit of everything for couples wanting weed as their ceremony centerpiece.

Couples have to think about their venue’s rules, the age of invited guests and also how to incorporate it in a classy way.

It’s a day of “I do,” when everything has to be perfect. For brides–to-be like Shelby Barsh, planning the ceremony involves thought and creativity.

Vendors with pot-inspired food, drinks and products offered just that.

“I think the way that’s its presented is still so elegant and yet it still has that edgy feel of being on the edge of prohibition,” Barsh said.

“We have a couple of options. $25 is a budtender only,” one vendor told Barsh.

You read that right, not a bartender, a budtender.

“We’re looking at some of the cannabis-friendly options,” Barsh said.

That’s why she came to the world’s first Cannabis Wedding Expo.

“To find out about some of the options and some of the logistics. How do you designate an area, how do you ID everybody, how do you present it in a classy manner,” she said.

“Say you have a venue that doesn’t allow smoking; we can just have all edibles for you instead,” a budtender vendor told Barsh.

The expo also showed couples non-THC-infused options, like hemp products, that wedding guests can legally take out of state.

This one-stop shop has everything any weed wedding would need.