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DENVER (KDVR) — For the past two weeks, fireworks are being set off around Denver and surrounding areas. The displays are randomly scattered and occur at night, some after midnight and into early morning hours.

According to Colorado law with a few exceptions, “no person shall possess or discharge any fireworks, other than permissible fireworks, anywhere in Colorado.” Permissible fireworks are not ones that sound like a bomb blast or gunshot. Fireworks that explode or leave the ground, including firecrackers, rockets, Roman candles, cherry bombs and other similar fireworks are prohibited.

“I sit on my balcony at night and those loud bangs scare me,” Tracy Hickman, Capitol Hill resident said. “I’m mostly sure they are fireworks but it does cause some anxiety because they go off late at night and randomly.”

Fireworks of any kind are illegal in the City of Denver. Some other cities allow legal use of fireworks, such as ground spinners and sparklers, but they cannot explode or leave the ground.

Residents with pets are experiencing even worse anxiety having to calm themselves and their animal. Several Instagram posts, Tweets and Nextdoor posts include pictures of frightened dogs. Some dogs are even hurting themselves out of fear and anxiety.

Denver tweeters have started conversations about the fireworks and even asked the Denver Police Department about it.

Denver isn’t the only city experiencing this issue. Tweets from around the country indicate other cities have been marred with late-night fireworks and firecracker-type explosions; Brooklyn, Boston and Oakland to name a few.