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DENVER — A photo fight was shining the light on the continuing issue of breastfeeding in public. This public place, though, is on Facebook.

A Colorado mom had her breastfeeding pictures temporarily deleted from the popular social media site.

A Facebook page was created because of the site’s evolving policy on breastfeeding photos.

Jeanna Hoch's Facebook profile picture. Photo: Jeanna Hoch/Facebook
Jeanna Hoch’s Facebook profile picture. Photo: Jeanna Hoch/Facebook

In 2009, you couldn’t show a photo with an exposed nipple.

That’s not the rule now.

But someone at Facebook apparently didn’t get the message.

In the photo that appeared on Facebook, Jeanna Hoch is breastfeeding her infant daughter and her breast is exposed.

Facebook removed the picture. And then later said, “Someone reported an image to us and a member of our team removed it by mistake. The photo did not violate our community standards … so we’ve restored it and there shouldn’t be any further issues.”

“I think it’s really sad we live in a day and age still where mothers are under the scrutiny of thinking nurturing her baby is pornographic or anything like that,” says Tammy Lantz of the Colorado Breastfeeding Coalition.

She says she’s happy Facebook changed its policies. Up until two weeks ago, a fully exposed breast was not allowed in breastfeeding photos.

“Mothers deal with enough already as a new mom especially. They really don’t need to be put under a dark light when they are nourishing their baby.”

Public breastfeeding has long been controversial – even in the venue of social media.

The issue is divisive. Some see he woman’s breast as sexual. Others have concerns about their kids seeing it. And some just see it as a way to feed a child and have no problems with public breastfeeding at all.

The people behind the Facebook page were able to generate such a viral response that it led to Facebook explaining its policy about breastfeeding photos.