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DENVER — Federal agents and the Denver Police Department conducted multiple raids on marijuana growing operations in the city Tuesday morning. They seized thousands of plants and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Denver Police Department would only say it was “conducting an ongoing investigation involving illegal drug activity.”

Undercover agents carried out search warrants on a half-dozen warehouses throughout Denver.

“This kind of prohibitionist stuff was supposed to end when the voters passed amendment 64,” says marijuana attorney Rob Corry.

He’s familiar with all the marijuana laws set up by Amendment 64.

But property records for one of the warehouses raided Tuesday, at West 6th Avenue and Bryant Street, list the owner as Tekon LLC. Secretary of State business records list the agent for that company as Thahn Thea  Hau.

That’s the same name as a man who was convicted in a 2006 indictment as the leader of what the District Attorney described as a  massive pot and ecstacy ring.

It’s not clear what, if any, connection Hau had to the marijuana seized Tuesday. But Corry says under Colorado’s legalized marijuana laws, that’s the kind of issue that should be settled in a civil administrative hearing and not a criminal raid.

“The purpose of Amendment 64 is to get law enforcement out of prohibition so they can focus on criminals who actually hurt people,” Corry says.

Law enforcement sources indicate there will be more information coming out in the next few days regarding the alleged illegal activity that sparked the raids.