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DENVER — Security diverted incoming traffic around the northwest parking garage outside of Denver International Airport Sunday.

According to a high-placed law enforcement source, agents from the FBI searched inside S.U.V.s after someone phoned the airport saying they parked one on the west side of the garage with a bomb inside. K-9 units assisted in the search.

 It was the second threat within hours.

“It was very calm and collected. Everybody was just sitting and having lunch when a hotel employee came up and said we’re evacuating the building because we received a threat,” said Tiffany Hild.

She was inside the Brown Palace for the hotel’s 25th annual Champaign Cascade event listening to remarks from Gov. John Hickenlooper when hotel employees asked everyone to evacuate.

“We assumed it was a bomb threat but we didn’t know. Everybody just evacuated calmly and that was it,” Hild said.

Sources said the same man was responsible for both the threat at the hotel and at the airport. Police kept the garage shut down for several hours but apparently didn’t find anything.

The FBI confirmed the airport received a bomb threat and that they were investigating but could not comment further. A spokesperson for DIA said the threat did not disrupt operations.