FBI director calls killers of American journalist ‘savages’ during Denver visit

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DENVER -- FBI Director James Comey was in Denver Wednesday and the events in Ferguson, Missouri and the terrorist murder of an American Journalist by ISIS were at the top of his mind.

He says he is confident justice will be brought in both case.

The new director has his first meeting with agents in Denver. He has a lot on his plate in the first year of his 10-year term.

"We are up against savages. These are people who make ordinary terrorists look civilized so it sharpens the mind all the more to the threat arising in that part of the world," he says.

Comey says counter terrorism has been the FBI's number one priority since 9/11 happened. And he says the U.S. is committed to bringing those who killed journalist Jim Foley to justice.

"The FBI is responsible for investigating crimes against all U.S. citizens overseas so we have had a matter opened on Jim Foley`s kidnapping for over two years. I met with his family, I get briefed on [the case] continually. Now I`m very, very sorry to say that these savages have turned it into a homicide investigation so we will stay on it."

With all the focus on counter terrorism, the FBI director says it is more important now than ever before to build relationships with state and local law enforcement agencies to help fight other types of crime.

"The FBI does nothing alone, so the relationships we have with those folks are critical to us accomplishing our mission across all our responsibilities."

Right now that includes dozens of agents in Ferguson, Missouri knocking on hundreds of doors, talking to anyone who may have witnessed the death of Michael Brown.

"And obviously if someone has seen something and we haven`t had a chance to talk to them, we want them to call us because we want to know what the facts are. The thing you gotta' know about the FBI is we care about the facts passionately. We want to know that we have them all and we get them expeditiously."

Comey says the FBI's investigation is independent and being done carefully and thoughtfully.






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