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CASTLE ROCK, Colo. — The father of a Castle Rock graduate, gunned down last year at Northern Arizona University, is speaking out about the loss of his son and his campaign to educate others about campus gun laws.

“If there was not a gun on campus, four boys wouldn’t have been shot, their lives wouldn’t have been changed and one of them is dead,” said Doug Brough, the father of Colin Brough.

Every 40 minutes, on average, someone was killed by a gun in 2015, but since Oct. 9, Doug Brough hasn’t needed a reminder.

“You can’t imagine,” Brough said. “Every five to 15 minutes I think about Colin.”

Colin Brough was one of several fraternity brothers at Northern Arizona who confronted fellow student Steven Jones outside a party early that October morning. Jones took a punch during the incident, and then grabbed a gun, later telling police it was in self-defense.

“The shooter could have ran away,” Brough said. “Instead he ran to his car and came back with a gun, with the intent to kill.”

Jones did kill Brough, and also wounded three others. He faces charges of first-degree murder and aggravated assault, but he cried tears of joy in court a few weeks ago as the judge released him from jail, allowing him to await trial in the custody of his parents for the next year.

“We just cannot even imagine how that happened, but it did,” Brough said. “We believe that justice will take care of itself next April.”

In the meantime, the Brough family and Colin’s friends are taking action with the Live For Colin Foundation, which provides information on campus gun laws across the country.

“We wanted to educate, bring awareness to other families,” Brough said. “So that they know what the gun laws are because Colin would not have gone to NAU if I knew that the gun laws were that lax.”

Doug Brough said the goal isn’t to change the Second Amendment.

“Our goal is to keep any family from going through what we’re going through because it’s horrible,” Brough said. “That morning a part of us died … all of us … and it shouldn’t have happened.”

The Live For Colin Foundation is also funding several scholarships in Colin’s honor and helping support The foundation will hold the first of several golf tournaments in Colin’s honor on May 31.