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BOULDER, Colo. — Robin Williams had a long list of movies he starred in, but the show that put him on the map was based in Boulder.

While most of the show “Mork & Mindy” was shot in a California studio, a few shots were shot locally, including the opening with co-star Pam Dawber driving through portions of Boulder and ending up and the now-famous house at 1619 Pine St.

Local comedians are also paying tribute Tuesday morning, one day after Williams was found dead of an apparent suicide in his California home.

“There wasn’t a kid in the neighborhood who wasn’t going to be the next Robin Williams,” local comedian Matt Need said. “He was a fearless performer.”

“He’s probably one of the most fearless actors, people, comedians in the world,” local comedian Stephanie Garza said. “He went on stage and gave everything. Gave himself to everybody.”

Fans came to the house Monday as word of Williams’ death spread.

“This house has been here my whole life,” Carri Walker said. “And its always been a famous place to take my friends when they come into town and you could go down to the Walrus and see pictures of Mork and Mindy in the bar when I was in college.”

“I grew here in Boulder. Nanu nanu was the dialogue of the day back when I was a kid,” Matt Kanue said.

Robin Williams was timeless — and he appealed to all ages.