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DENVER — With two sons who play hockey all over the country, Lisa Resseguie knows the trouble with travel.

“The two worst things you could lose are your hockey skates and your hockey stick,” she said.

But when Resseguie’s son Jared showed up to a critical hockey tryout in North Dakota without his sticks it July, it wasn’t his fault. Despite a direct flight, Frontier Airlines temporarily lost his stick bag.

“He was kind of frustrated. He didn’t know what to do. The camp started the next day,” Resseguie said.

With no other option, the family paid for a new stick.

“While he was in Bismark for the three or four days of camp, he never got his sticks back and Frontier didn’t contact him or anything,” she said.

Resseguie said her son still didn’t have his sticks by the time he was due to fly again for a tournament the next week, so the family purchased one more backup stick in Denver and sent him on his way.

“He flew with those two sticks to Florida and he got his bag but he did not get his sticks again,” she said. “I mean, we were just like, ‘No way.’”

The second time Jared missed a game and scrambled to find another stick before a second game that day. Frontier eventually found and returned all of his equipment, but the family was already stuck with three sticks they couldn’t return.

“I figured it out and it’s about $700,” Resseguie said.

According to Frontier’s contract of carriage, “Passengers who incur incidental expenses as a result of delayed baggage delivery will be reimbursed per established DOT (Department of Transportation) guidelines.” According to a DOT directive, “Carriers should remain willing to cover all reasonable, actual and verifiable expenses related to baggage loss, damage or delay up to ($3,400)”.

After weeks of calls, emails and paperwork, Resseguie said she stopped hearing from Frontier. That changed after she contacted the FOX31 Problem Solvers and the Colorado Attorney General’s Office last week.

“Low and behold, someone from Frontier called me on Friday,” she said. “I had already left work for the day, but they had left a message and they were just right on top of it all of a sudden.”

Despite the call, Resseguie said she is still trying to connect with Frontier to find out what they are going to do about the expenses.

A Frontier spokeswoman told FOX31 the airline is working to get more information on Resseguie’s case, but it did not have an update by the end of the day on Tuesday.

If other customer’s have similar issues, this is what they recommend:

  • Send a brief note about the stick (or other interim lost item) to
  • Send scanned copies of original receipts and save them as well
  • Name
  • Address for check to be sent
  • Claim incident number
  • Phone number

​We’ll update this story once a resolution is reached.