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DENVER — A widow speaks out about her husband who was gunned down on a Denver street in broad daylight Friday afternoon.

Now two men are behind bars facing murder charges, and a family of five children is left without a father.

“This is a man who is a father. This is a man who is a friend,” says the victim’s wife, Kendra Ephriam-Rudd.

Kendra Ephriam-Rudd can’t believe her 30-year-old husband, Deon Rudd is gone.

Rudd was shot dead here near 33rd and York Friday afternoon, along with 21 year old Justin O’Donnel, who worked with Rudd at a nearby medical marijuana shop.

“He wasn’t a gang banger, he wasn’t a felon,” says Kendra. “He was a family man … he was a football player.”

She says the youngest of her five children still wait for their father to come home.

Her oldest is trying to sense of it.

“Not even words to describe how people just take creations that was given to this earth and they just take it away like they have no regrets for it,” says the victim’s son, Keizuan Rudd. “Only way somebody can make you that angry til they take their lives is they take something from you, and nobody has taken a life from you.”

Two other people were wounded in the shootings.

The suspects, 23-year-old Marquise Davis and 20-year-old Denzel Richardson, face first degree murder charges. Both men have extensive criminal records.

“There’s no other word but coward,” Kendra says. “That’s where my heart goes out because their mom has to have a loss like I have to have a loss.”

She says her husband preached against gangs and always made time for their kids.

“They took more from my children than anyone could ever take from them,” she says. “That’s my pain…I don’t understand why it happened.”

Police are asking for more witnesses to come forward.

“I don’t understand how anyone would want to take him from me this way,” Kendra says. “Not this way.”

Both Davis and Richardson appeared in court Tuesday afternoon and were ordered held without bond, pending charges of first degree murder.