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WARREN, Texas — If you saw Charlie Parker at his home in Warren, Texas, you might think he’s thoroughly enjoying his retirement. But something is missing.

That would be his chocolate lab, Sir, who went missing from his home on Sept. 15. Parker was mowing the lawn, and when he came back to look for him, he was gone.

“I’ve been looking for him every day since then,” Parker said. “I beat myself up every day. If I’d have done this. If I’d have done that. Maybe he’d still be here.”

Parker said the loss is much more than just losing a pet.

“Me and my wife have never had any children,” Parker said. “That dog is replacement for a child.”

For five years, the dog was never more than a few steps behind Parker.

“He’d jump up in the bed every morning and we’d get up and have a new adventure,” Parker said. “It was another exciting day to be alive. Life doesn’t mean a whole lot without him.”

You can find the flyers all around Warren — Parker is offering a $50,000 to anyone who brings his dog home safe. He said he’s willing to give up anything except his wife or his horse to make it happen.

“We’ve raised $50,000 and now we’ve got the house up for sale,” Parker said. “If I never got to go on another hunting trip or fishing trip or vacation to get him back, that’d be fine. He just plays such a big role in our lives.”