Family of slain Aurora couple coping with loss, how they are moving on


AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) – The family of an Aurora couple killed last month is sharing their heartbreak publicly for the first time. 

Joseph and Jossline Roland were killed when they went to buy a car they had found online. The car turned out to be stolen. The seller allegedly shot and killed the Rolands before taking their cash.

“Jossline was always the fun loving, adventurous one who always wanted a massive family, all she ever wanted and only ever wanted to be a lawyer growing up. She made both of those things happen. She was very goal oriented, task oriented kind of person. They were always just the life of the party. They welcomed people into their home, even if they didn’t know them,” Jossline’s sister, Sammy Heckerman, said.

“For example, whenever somebody needed a place to stay, for a couple of days or a couple of months, they were the house to come to. They always made room for everybody and anybody. I want people to know who they were, they weren’t just people trying to buy a car for no reason. It was something they wanted and needed. Joe was a haggler, it was part of him. He loved a deal and it was fun for him to flip cars.”

The Rolands left behind five children, ranging from four years old to 18 years old. Heckerman said, “If we could get the word out, they are ok and they are together, they have guardians and they are together, and they have family. That would be great. We have a very big family, who all want to care for them and spoil them.”

Heckerman said the children have moved out of state to live with extended family. “They’re strong, they are courageous. They understand what’s going on. The 4-year-old is doing ok. He’s probably  having the hardest time. A 4-year-old can only understand so much, like where’s mommy, where’s daddy? They are calling them their angels up in heaven and they are watching down on them,” she said.

“The older ones, they were packing and ready to leave, excited to where they are going. Showing excitement and joy. They have their sadness and moments, the only thing they need right now is their privacy. They are being well cared for and they will be the rest of their lives.”

The family also wants people to learn from this incident. “They were incredible people, they raised five incredible children. They made a mistake. They trusted too much. We all wish they wouldn’t have done it, no one knew they were even going. Just be safe and learn from their mistake,” Heckerman said.

She went on to say no one knows why they went to buy the car at 11pm on Aug. 14, and they wished they would’ve seen the warning signs.

“If one person could learn from this, that would be incredible. That’s what they would want, for no one else to get hurt and to learn from them. We need to make sure no one else gets hurt like this,” Heckerman said.

“Make sure you do things the correct way when purchasing things online, do your research before purchasing. It was a stolen car we know now. Make sure you do your research before meeting anyone.”

The family says the support from the community has been overwhelming and a true testament to the great people they were. “You see the good and the love, and that’s what my sister would have wanted, and Joe. Joe was the big teddy bear, who had a child’s heart,” Heckerman said.

“Jossline was the one who was constantly on us making sure we are all healthy, on us about what present we are getting for this person. She was always the busiest person, but she always took time to make sure we were all cared for and that we were on top of birthdays and holidays and she was the one who pushed us to get together on the holidays and she was the one who always wanted us to be gathered. I’m going to miss the persistency of her always wanting us to be together.”

The family is setting up a trust fund for the children and their educations. Jossline’s employer, Dianne Sawaya is also establishing a trust fund expected to be announced in the coming weeks. For now, a family friend set up a gofundme page.

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