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GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colo. — A family of 14 is selling their Colorado home, and they’re going to live on the road in pursuit of a lot of dreams.

The ‘cheaper-by-the-dozen’ style family of 12 children is getting ready to dump it all and head out of Glenwood Springs. The family is into water sports … especially kayaking.

“We introduced a couple of the kids to kayaking and they took to it like they were born in the water,” said Dan Kellogg, father of this crew. “When the younger kids saw the older ones in the boats, they just had to try!”

All of the kids buy into this ‘simpler way of life’ their parents are moving toward. All but one of the children, 18-year-old Kerry, the oldest daughter, are being home-schooled. Kerry graduated from Glenwood Springs High School last spring.

“I am so ready for this,” said Kerry. “I am over Glenwood, I just want to enjoy new adventures and see new places.”

The family had practice with this ‘life in and RV’ endeavor this past summer. They traveled the country letting the kids enter kayak events on rivers and streams all over. Now, they will continue to home-school the kids and live out of the motor home.

“We will be a bit cramped, but we will stop at laundromats to do the wash … they offer six machines in a row … so we can get it done in no time,” says mom, Susie Kellogg. “We give up things such as going to the bathroom anytime we want to go, but we do take ‘R&R’ stops at hotels and motels.”

Travel this time around will be a bit easier with two new drivers in the family. They will take all their vehicles and leave behind what they say is the “rat race of living for your home and things you work to acquire.”

The Kellogg crew hits the road when the mountain-top home is sold. They hope that will happen by January.