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WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. — A hit-and-run left a man hospitalized in serious condition and now his family is hoping the person responsible steps forward.

It happened Thursday night on the Interstate 70 frontage road and Kipling Street in Wheat Ridge.

As 45-year old Christopher Baca lies in a hospital bed, hooked to machines and suffering from a broken femur, ruptured pelvis and damage to his internal organs, his family gathers at home trying to piece together what happened.

“Everybody’s always in such a hurry and they don’t pay attention to us guys on the bikes,” said Phillip Baca, Christopher’s older brother.

Christopher Baca was on his motorcycle about 10:25 p.m. when witnesses say he was struck by a white Ford Dooley pickup truck.

Witnesses said Christopher was going straight through the intersection when he was run over by a driver turning left, who then fled the scene.

Christopher told his brother the last thing he remembers is the sound of the truck accelerating.

“My brother seen him, hit the brakes, his bike slid underneath him and as he laid the bike down the guy kept continuing to follow through over on top of him,” Phillip said.

“He had to have felt him run over him. I mean he had to have felt a thump or something when he rolled over Chris’ bike,” said Claudia, Christopher’s sister-in-law.

Good Samaritans comforted Chris until EMTs arrived, but no one saw the license plate of the vehicle in which the driver who fled.

“To leave the scene of an accident is beyond human.  To leave a guy bleeding; he’s bleeding to death, he’s in pain. That ain’t right,” Phillip said.

It’s clear Chris’ road to recovery will be a long one.  In the meantime, his family just wants answers.

“You know the emotion, that’s my little brother.  He’s going through a lot right now and we’d like to find the guy who did this,” Phillip said while holding back his tears.

Baca said he remembers a logo on the side of the truck that hit him. He said it had a triangle or diamond logo on the side.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Wheat Ridge Police Department.