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LAS VEGAS — Some family members who lost relatives in the Aurora theater shooting are in Las Vegas, helping victims and their families.

They want to answer their questions and help guide them through some very difficult times.

They will be needing everything from wheelchairs to transportation to help paying for funeral costs.

They also want to make sure money raised by assistance agencies is fairly distributed.

Sandy Phillips and Anita Busch were driving from one meeting to another in Las Vegas on Thursday.

“We know what they are going though now, but what they are going to be going through in the next months weeks and years,” Phillips said.

“We’ve been very clear about making sure the victims are put first and foremost … that money gets out quickly in an emergency situation to get it out maybe $5,000 or $10,000 immediately once you identify the victim base,” Busch said.

The family members from Aurora paid for their trip to Las Vegas to help those families.

They attended vigils Thursday night and said they’ll stay as long as they’re needed.