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DENVER — You notice two things when you first meet Beverly Pino. Her faith and her love for family.

“For as sick as I am I have some strength left and my friends and my kids keep me going,” Pino said.

She leans on both as she faces something neither can protect her from, advanced stage 4 cancer.

Her family just wants her to be comfortable but medications and treatment are expensive.

So when a cousin asked to throw Pino a fundraiser, she agreed. The family said the event raised more than $10,000 and Pino’s daughter said the woman assured the family they would see the money.

But the family said seven months later, the woman, who isn’t being identified because she has not been charged, has turned over only $2,000.

“It`s just hard. We didn’t come from a rich family. We survive day by day,” Pino’s daughter said.

FOX31 Denver Problem Solvers  went by the woman’s home but she didn’t answer.

Police have subpoenaed records from the GoFundMe account she set up to see how much money she raised and where it went.

If you are interested in helping Pino, to to her own GoFundMe account that was just established.